Today is my last day at Microsoft. About 9 years and 2 months have passed since I joined MS. I’ve had wonderful years filled with various experiences on business.

In the first 4 years, as FAST Search engineer & consultant, I specialized in Fast search and provided customers in Japan and sometimes in South East Asia & South Korea area with proactive consulting & support. For the next 3 years after that, as a part of Azure Solution Architect teams, I provided architectural guidance & design session, PoC and prototyping support, knowledge transfer trainings with Japanease enterprise customers, collaborating with Azure engineering teams, Azure sales teams and many other stakeholders. I also engaged with communities inside/outside Microsoft, participating in Microsoft hosting conferences / industry showcase events, and contributing OSS communities. In the latest 2 years, as a part of global technical SWAT team in enterprise sales organization internally called ‘Global Black Belt, I was responsible for leading technical engagements to win based on solutions leveraging the Microsoft Azure and OSS with a specialization in cloud native application architecture and development such as Microservices, Containers/Serverless, PaaS, DevOps, and so on. Along with my everyday job I had awesome opportunities to speak at conferences and meetups about many technical topics mostly on Cloud Native tech and architectures. It was awesome 9 years and 2 months!!

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the my customers and partners I have worked with so far. I also thank, each one of my colleague and managers who made my journey a memorable one in Microsoft. 

I will start a new phase of my career from tomorrow. But it is indeed a small world in our industry. I hope our paths cross again, and it would be great if we may be able to work together again somewhere. 

Please reach out to me if you ever want to catch up.
My personal contacts: yokawasa @ linkedin, twitter, facebook & github