Finched Rails CLI makes it a breeze to try out Rails withough installing anything but Finch

Preface In this article, I’d like to introduces Finched Rails CLI that makes it a breeze to try out Rails without installing anything but Finch. Finch is an OSS CLI for building, running, and publishing Linux containers create by AWS. As long as you have Finch, you can quick start a Rails app only by copying and pasting a few commands. Finched Rails CLI is a fork of Docked Rails CLI and simply a Finch version of it....

<span title='2023-01-28 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>January 28, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;2 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

My presentation at IstioCon 2022

I presented on Apri 28th (April 29th JST): “Accelerating ZOZOTOWN Modernization with Istio” at IstioCon 2022. It was an awesome experience for me to present for the global technology conference like IsitoCon. ⛵️Istio is a synonym of acceleration & modernization. Register for #IstioCon to learn about "Accelerating ZOZOTOWN Modernization process with #Istio" by @yokawasa 🤓👉 #Istio #CloudNative #ServiceMesh — Istio (@IstioMesh) April 25, 2022 You can find the slides for my presentation: https://speakerdeck....

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GitHub Actions Article on Software Design magazine (2022/02 Issue)

A Software Design 2022/02 Issue was published in Jan 18, 2022, in which I contributed the 2nd special feature article on CI/CD using GitHub Actions. 『Software Design 2022年2月号』(技術評論社)/ Software Design 2022/02 Issue (gihyo) Gihyo Online Amazon

<span title='2022-01-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>January 18, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;1 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

kubectl plugin - SOCKS5 proxy to Services or Pods in the cluster

I’ve published a new kubectl plugin called kubectl-plugin-socks5-proxy. This is a kubectl plugin that creates a local SOCKS5 proxy through which you can access to Services or Pods in a Kubernetes cluster. What the plugin actually does is that it create a SOCKS proxy server Pod in a Kubernetes cluster and forwards a local port (default:1080) to the proxy. So you can access to Servcies or Pods in Kuberenetes cluster by using the local port as SOCKS5 proxy like this:...

<span title='2021-02-08 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>February 8, 2021</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;3 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

GitHub Actions - Kubernetes tools installer

I’ve published a new GitHub Action called action-setup-kube-tools (View on Marketplace). The action installs Kubernetes tools (kubectl, kustomize, helm, kubeval, conftest, and yq) and cache them on the runner. This is a typescript version of stefanprodan/kube-tools with no command input param. Usage Inputs Parameter Required Default Value Description kubectl false 1.18.2 kubectl version. kubectl vesion can be found here kustomize false 3.5.5 kustomize version. kustomize vesion can be found here helm false 2....

<span title='2020-07-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>July 5, 2020</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;2 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

GitHub Actions - Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) tool installer

I’ve published a new GitHub Action called action-setup-ecctl (View on Marketplace). The action installs a specific version of ecctl (Elastic Cloud control tool) and cache it on the runner. Usage Inputs Parameter Required Default Value Description version false latest Ecctl tool version such as v1.0.0-beta3. Ecctl vesion can be found here. Supported Environments: Linux and macOS Outputs Parameter Description ecctl-path ecctl command path Sample Workflow A specific version of ecctl can be setup by giving an input - version like this: {% raw %}...

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College Roommate

A scene at wedding ceremony of my old collage roommate Jan 18, 2020 at Brooklyn NY

<span title='2020-06-16 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>June 16, 2020</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;1 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

Visual Studio Code Textbook for programmer was published!

A book, I co-authored with @hoisjp and @_Dr_ASA, was recently published. Today I went to a bookstore to see if it was actually displayed. It was real!! 🎉🎉🎉 『プログラマーのためのVisual Studio Codeの教科書』(マイナビ出版)/ Visual Studio Code textbooks for programmers Softcover version Kindle version

<span title='2020-05-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>May 1, 2020</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;1 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

GitHub Actions - SQLCheck Action

I’ve published a new GitHub Action called SQLCheck Action (View on Marketplace). The action automatically identifies anti-patterns in SQL queries using sqlcheck when PR is requested and comment on the PR if risks are found in the queries. Usage Supports pull_request event type. Inputs Parameter Required Default Value Description post-comment false true Post comment to PR if it’s true token true "" GitHub Token in order to add comment to PR risk-level false 3 Set of SQL anti-patterns to check: 1,2, or 3- 1 (all anti-patterns, default)- 2 (only medium and high risk anti-patterns) - 3 (only high risk anti-patterns) verbose false false Add verbose warnings to SQLCheck analysis result postfixes false “sql” List of file postfix to match ( separator: comma ) Sample Workflow ....

<span title='2020-04-30 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>April 30, 2020</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;1 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Yoichi Kawasaki

My last day at Microsoft

Today is my last day at Microsoft. About 9 years and 2 months have passed since I joined MS. I’ve had wonderful years filled with various experiences on business. In the first 4 years, as FAST Search engineer & consultant, I specialized in Fast search and provided customers in Japan and sometimes in South East Asia & South Korea area with proactive consulting & support. For the next 3 years after that, as a part of Azure Solution Architect teams, I provided architectural guidance & design session, PoC and prototyping support, knowledge transfer trainings with Japanease enterprise customers, collaborating with Azure engineering teams, Azure sales teams and many other stakeholders....

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